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When and where can I schedule my preview?

Previews are done approximately 2-3 months prior to your wedding at our studio location in Lincoln University, Pa. We will contact you to schedule your appointments. We are unable to accommodate weekend appointments. We are giving our focus to weddings on the weekends. Weekday evening options are available if needed. 

Can I bring extensions the day of my wedding?

Yes! Please let us know if anyone in your party will be using extensions of any kind. There is an additional fee of $40.00 for the use of any type of extensions. For scheduling purposes we will need to know in advance if anyone will be using extensions. We request that brides bring extensions to their trial run.

How can reserve my wedding date?

Please fill out the contact form on the contact page of our website. Then a proposal will be emailed to you. The proposal includes a detailed estimate and contract. We require a deposit of 20% and a signed contract to book your wedding day services. 

What if my total number of services changes between the time of booking and my wedding day?

Please let us know prior to your wedding being 4 months away if any services need to be added or cancelled. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate additional services after this point. Services cancelled within 4 months of your wedding will be charged.

Do you charge a travel fee?

Yes. We do charge a travel fee to cover the costs of travel (gas, wear and tear on vehicles, drive time, etc). Travel fees start at $40.00 per stylist.

Can you accomodate me even though my ceremony is in the morning?

No problem! We are happy to accommodate you and your bridal party. Any start time before 7:30 am will be charged an additional fee. Please include your timing on the contact form so we can quote you an accurate price.

How should I prepare for my appointments?

Unless advised otherwise by your stylist, please come to your appointment with clean and dry hair (washed within 24 hours of your appointment). It is extremely difficult to work with hair that is not properly cleaned in advance. Blow drying is time-intensive and is not factored into the schedule. Makeup applications require clean and moisturized skin. It is important to communicate this to all members of your party. 

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